Cruse Enterprises is a

One-stop Source for the

Design, Site Preparation,

Building Materials, and

Construction of Quality

Steel Buildings, plus:


                       . eX-Mark mowing equipment                   

                       .  PJ Trailers

                       . Wheeling Corrugated metals        

                       . Construction materials       

                       . Honda Power equipment

                       . Equipment rentals

                       . Spectra Coat Roofing and Siding  



Charles “Chuck” Cruse grew up in the construction industry and in his family’s lumber and building supply business.  In l983 he hung up his hardhat with some other company’s name on it and founded his own company, Cruse Enterprises.


From the very beginning his broad experience enabled him to succeed in the narrowly focused business of selling and building quality steel buildings for a wide variety of uses ranging from agriculture applications to commercial, industrial, and government uses.


Later, Chuck’s son Wesley, who also grew up in the construction business and worked at his dad’s side, graduated with a degree in construction management and joined the management of Cruse Enterprises.


Over the period of almost three decades, Cruse Enterprises grew and expanded its services and facilities to a newer and bigger site on five acres in Columbia, Louisiana.


By paying close attention to what their customers needs are, and maintaining a keen awareness of other businesses in the Northeast Louisiana area, Chuck and Wes carefully but confidently expanded the scope of Cruse Enterprises to meet the needs of their customer base.


We maintain our efficiency and competitiveness in the market place through the acquisition and use of high-tech equipment for all facets of our preparation of construction components used in building steel buildings. Our design-build capabilities in steel buildings also gives us a strong competitive advantage.    


Chuck Cruse, Founder